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I help people build stronger families and communities by co-developing a custom toolbox based in Indigenous forms of cultural expression and Universal principles.

Reflections of a “Peeping Errol”

“Peeping Errol” 1/3 of the Whooo Am Eye Series. P. Omi Muhammad 2018, Yebo! Maesani Studios LLC.
11×14 Acrylic and Indian Ink

On my birthday 2017, I entered self-imposed isolation to commit to my healing. This painting was one of the first that I did during that time. As I meditated and processed my experiences, I began to realize that at times I was playing innocent bystander to my own life.

As an avid Harry Potter fan (Team HufflePuff!!), I would find refuge in imagining myself within that world. I found that at that time I identified with Errol, one of the Weasley family owls, quite heavily; wise but bumbling through on faith. The line through the eye represents imagined obstacles to 2020 vision. The sections in my work always represent parts becoming whole, puzzle pieces. Each puzzle piece represents a part of the journey to living as my most authentic self.

As we enter Spring 2020 amidst global chaos, I’m reminded of the new beginnings that sprout from the seeds buried in fertile ground. Are you your most authentic self?

Heal. Create. Inspire. Together with Love,

P. Omi Muhammad

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