omi creates

Heal. Create. Inspire. Together.

I help people build stronger families and communities by co-developing a custom toolbox based in Indigenous forms of cultural expression and Universal principles.

Who am  I?

P. Omi RaBE Muhammad (affectionately referred to as Auntie Omi) is a multifaceted woman who is inspired by alternative processes and how they can shape multiple perceptions and interpretations of life. She uses various mediums of artistic expression such as dance, crafts, painting, writing, cosplaying and modeling to spread a message of healing and love. She strategically wields light and color to portray thought-provoking themes and tribal patterns influenced predominantly by her family’s legacy as Indigenous Artisans and Traders of the Eastern Seaboard. Additional skills and passions include mentorship, workshop and event planning, hospitality management, educational and social artivism with an emphasis on family and community. Whether it’s a personal project or under her newly founded company, Yebo! Maesani Studios LLC, Omi RaBe brings an exceptional level of professionalism, expertise, humor, artistry, and thoughtful attention to detail to each curated experience.

The common thread throughout her work is her desire to improve the global human condition. In her past, Omi RaBE was often ostracized as a result of her refusal to conform to any societal “norm”.  This only fueled her drive to share her message of free self expression with others. She seeks to cultivate her childhood dream of a humanity that embraces diversity and promotes peace. By sharing her experiences through self-mastery and holding safe growing space, Omi RaBE helps inspire others to do the same by embracing their Inner Spirit.She is currently teaching in early education and serving as a Usui Reiki Practitioner, as well as a Full Spectrum & EOL Doula. She is the developer of the Cosmos Virtuoso (CosVirt) blueprint and events, as well as an active member of the Black Hippie Art Collective. She practices flow arts as a member of Moko Motion and is also a member of several other art and professional organizations in and around the Philadelphia area.